You have a passion that drives you. 

Your heart's desire is to:

  • See women, men and children come to know the Lord
  • Teach believers to study the Bible for themselves
  • Help women discover God’s plan and purpose for their lives
  • Reach your community with the love of Jesus

As a result of your passion, you’ve found yourself moving from “just” a Bible study leader or teacher to leading a ministry.

And now here you are. Leading a women’s event with hundreds of women in attendance. Putting together a volunteer team of leaders from scratch. Planning a weekend retreat complete with a speaker, notebook, devotions and more. 

Instead of doing what brought you into ministry in the first place, you are constantly spending time in search of resources to help you in your ministry leadership role. 

DeAnna Fields

My Main Go-to Resource

“ has been one of the main resources for me as a women’s leader, since day one! I literally did a search for 'women’s ministry,' found the website and haven’t stopped using the member resources since. It is my main go-to for ideas, templates and training materials for my team and ministry.”

DeAnna Fields, Pastor of Women’s Ministries, Beltway Park Church

Leaders like you are exactly why author, speaker and Bible study teacher Jennifer Rothschild founded For almost 20 years, we have been equipping and encouraging women in ministry through our online resources. 

You may already be familiar with our free emails, but did you know that we have an entire side of our website that is just for Leadership Library members?

We have an amazing network of ministry veterans and experts that have provided in-depth articles, videos and training resources, addressing the topics that are relevant to you as a woman leading in ministry.

Fresh insight and ideas from fellow women in ministry...


Explore theme ideas, icebreakers, real-life examples and planning resources.


Get equipped for the unique aspects of leading in ministry, from managing volunteers to ministering to single moms.


Learn how to lead well by investing time to develop yourself as a leader.


Find ideas and resources for leading women to go outside the church walls.

As a member of the Leadership Library, you’ll discover all of these resources instantly. 

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Membership Gives Me Access

“As someone who trains ministry leaders, it is important that I have access to the most current trends and a finger on the pulse of women's ministry. Membership has given me access to all of this and more, which makes me not only a better leader but able to invest in our future leaders.”

Gena McCown, Women's Ministry Council, South Florida

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  • Connect with fellow women's ministry leaders and women in ministry.

A Word From Our Founder

“As a woman in ministry, I want to steward well the ministry God has given me, and I know you do, too. That’s why almost 20 years ago, I founded 

Every day, we are equipping women like you, to be a good steward of the ministry the Lord has given you. 

We are stronger when we help each other grow!” 

Jennifer Rothschild, Author & Speaker

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“Lord, we pray over our sweet sister in Christ. We pray that she is steadfast, immovable, always excelling in the Lord’s work, knowing that her labor in the Lord is not in vain (1 Corinthians 15:58)."