You have a passion that drives you. 

As a result of that passion, you've moved from "just" a Bible study leader or teacher to leading a ministry. 

And now here you are. 

  • Leading a women’s event with hundreds of women in attendance. 
  • Putting together a volunteer team of leaders from scratch. 
  • Planning a weekend retreat complete with a speaker, notebook, devotions and more. 

Instead of doing what brought you into ministry in the first place, you are constantly spending time in search of resources to help you in your ministry leadership role. 

Leaders like you are exactly why author, speaker and Bible study teacher Jennifer Rothschild founded 

“As a woman in ministry, I want to steward well the ministry God has given me, and I know you do, too. That’s why almost 20 years ago, I founded 

Every day, we are equipping women like you, to be a good steward of the ministry the Lord has given you. 

We are stronger when we help each other grow!” 

Jennifer Rothschild, Author & Speaker

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We are cheering for you as you follow the Lord' s guidance and leading to be the ministry leader He has called you to be.